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Alzheimer’s Funding Gets a Boost from Congress

A big part of the process of conducting important Alzheimer’s research is having access to funding, which has paled in comparison to what’s typically allocated for other conditions such as heart disease and HIV/AIDS. This is why Congress’ recent decision to present a budget that includes a significant increase in government spending for AD is being hailed as a step in the right direction. Read on to learn more, presented by leading Annapolis Alzheimer’s care provider, Home Care Assistance.

Increased Funding Allocations

Funding for Alzheimer’s research was at $586 million for the previous fiscal year, an increase of $25 million over the prior year. By comparison, annual spending on HIV/AIDS and heart disease research is in the billions. The $350 million funding increase in 2016 is more than a 60 percent jump from 2015, but still isn’t enough.

Funding Needed to Find a Cure

It would take approximately $2 billion annually to significantly increase the odds of finding a cure for AD by 2025, according to a team assembled by the Alzheimer’s Association. While there are privately funded research efforts, government funding is also needed to support both laboratory testing on drugs and subsequent clinical trials.

Increasing Alzheimer’s Detection

Scientists already know that Alzheimer’s is linked to a clump of proteins in the brain that interfere with cognitive functioning by blocking the transmission of essential information. It’s hoped that the increase in funding will lead to better detection methods, with the goal being to identify who may be susceptible to developing the condition before symptoms appear.

Anybody directly or indirectly affected by AD understands the urgency to find a cure for the progressive condition. It’s estimated that more than 7 million people 65 years of age and older will have Alzheimer’s by 2025, a 40 percent increase over today’s figures. Related care costs could reach the trillions if efforts don’t continue to increase funding to boost the odds of finding better treatments, or a viable cure.

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