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Apps That Can Help Seniors Maintain Overall Health

The smartphone is no longer merely a tool for communication, watching videos, and playing games. With the help of a few apps, the tech savvy senior can now monitor his or her health, nutrition, and exercise. As apps become easier and easier to use, they will benefit the not so tech savvy as well. A few of the more useful apps for seniors are listed below.

As with any exercise or nutrition program, home care agencies in Annapolis remind family members that consultation with a primary care physician is essential. 

1. FitStar Personal Trainer and Yoga Trainer

Developed by a former NFL football player, many would think the exercise programs are too physically advanced for most seniors. But FitStar’s fitness regimens are designed to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels. The user will input age, height, weight and other health characteristics. The app then selects the program best suited for the user. Many seniors may find the yoga trainer particularly beneficial.

2. My Pain Diary

This is a unique app with a useful purpose. The user tracks his or her daily pain by body area, type of pain, and severity. In addition, it tracks conditions such as time of day, current weather condition, preceding activity, etc. The pain diary can then be printed or emailed to the individual’s primary care physician or physical therapist. The medical professional is then in a better position to determine treatment options or how to avoid trigger points.

3. MyFitnessPal 

MyFitnessPal is a diet app that also tracks nutritional intake. There is a “calorie budget” that shows how many calories are consumed at any given time as well as the vitamins and minerals received. If it sounds burdensome inputting all this information into a smartphone, it isn’t. Swiping the bar code on the container is usually all it takes to input the food. A large database makes this app useful in both supermarkets and restaurants so the user can check the nutritional value before purchase.

4. Diabetes Buddy

Diabetics know the importance tracking their diet, glucose levels, and other factors. Diabetes Buddy makes these tasks an easy one. It will track blood sugar level and diet intake for any time of day. It can easily identify the carbohydrate level of most food and identify the user’s intake for that day. Many recipes can be input into the app for future reference and tracking.

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