April 26, 2018
vitamin d

How Vitamin D Can Aid in Recovery After Heart Failure

Under normal circumstances, the body produces vitamin D3 when the skin is directly exposed to sunlight. However, in older people, this ability gradually diminishes, which leads to vitamin D deficiencies. Patients diagnosed as having heart failure are often simultaneously suffering from a lack of sufficient vitamin D. Researchers from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom performed studies to determine a correlation between the nutrient and heart function. Annapolis senior care professionals share what the researchers discovered. The scientists performed a five-year study that involved 163 volunteers who were on average 70 years old. Each also demonstrated a vitamin D deficiency. […]
April 26, 2018
senior dental

A Better Smile For The Senior Citizen

Just because a man is aging, gives no reason why they need to lose their capacity to smile happily, especially if the loss of a smile is because of dental disorder. There are many dental improvements that will cure most dental problems which range from missing tooth replacement, false teeth (dentures), crowns and dental bridges, all of which may restore happy smiles to the faces of the elderly. Within the mouth there is a Natural Balance, the upper teeth have functioning contact with tooth. Nevertheless this natural balance can be upset by teeth loss, gum disease or other oral problems. […]