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Bonding with a Loved One Experiencing Memory Loss

An elderly loved one’s mental decline may afflict one individual, but it affects every member of the family. As cognitive abilities weaken, you may feel like you’re losing the emotional attachment you once shared. These four tips and strategies from Annapolis senior home care professionals can help you reconnect and deepen the bonds of love.

1. Do More, Worry Less

Focusing on daily activities not only helps keep emotional distress at bay, but also offers opportunities to strengthen your relationship through shared experiences. Whether it’s going out for lunch, taking a walk, or tending the garden, concentrate on the things you can still do together. You may be surprised at all the activities and pastimes you can enjoy when you worry less and do more.

2. Bond on Your Loved One’s Terms

Failing cognitive abilities make seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia feel frightened and vulnerable. When you accept them as they are now, rather than trying to resurrect the past, the reassurance they feel will forge a bond between you. Demonstrate that you’re ready for whatever comes, and your loved one will stick to you like glue.

3. Make Time to Show Your Affection

From holding hands to making eye contact, connecting on a physical level helps deepen the affection you have for your loved one. It’s extremely beneficial for your family member too. Studies have shown that physical contact releases feel-good endorphins in the brain in both you and your loved one, so be generous with hugs and kisses.

4. Value Each Connection

While your loved one may no longer be able to show appreciation for all the things you do, the need for human contact never diminishes. Even a frustrated demand for help can be viewed as an attempt to connect when viewed from a fresh perspective. Value what your family member is able to give, no matter how small.

Social interaction is an important component of memory care. If you live far from your loved one or are unavailable to provide regular companionship, learn more about Alzheimer’s senior care in Annapolis. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers are expertly trained, compassionate, and can provide your loved one with emotional support on an as-needed hourly or live-in basis. For more information, please call 443-302-2771 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.