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Caregiving in America by Gender

When most people think of a caregiver, they generally think of a woman. However, despite popular belief, one out of three caregivers is male. Out of the approximated 43.5 million adults that are considered to be active caregivers, that makes roughly 14.5 million them male. Today, the Annapolis live-in care experts are going to take a look into caregiving by gender and how it plays a role in the type of senior care being provided.

Female caregivers typically spend four years in their caregiving role. The same can be said for a male, however they often do not take the role as a primary. When it comes to personal care, they tend to be more hands-off than their counterparts. Only 24% of male caregivers help with dressing and a lower 16% aid in the bathing process. On the other end of the spectrum, 28% of females are included in dressing and 30% take care of bathing.

When caring for an elder, most male caregivers live further away. This requires them to organize care from afar. They are 40% more likely to turn to an outside service such as a local home care agency in Annapolis to handle personal care, household chores and other tasks such as transportation.

Caregivers spend, on average, 19 hours a week caregiving. Most male caregivers carry on a full time job simultaneously. In fact, 82% of male caregivers work full time outside of the home, whereas only 70% of female caregivers continue their full time work. Working caregivers usually find a need to take time off or adjust schedules to allow for their caregiving duties, however men are less likely to speak to their bosses about their at-home situations.

Whether male or female, caregiving is a vital and growing part of life and should be addressed by society. All caregivers will need support, whether physical or emotional, to take on the job of caregiving heads on. To learn more about caregiver support and respite, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Annapolis today at Annapolis and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Care Manager.