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4 Things Stroke Survivors Would Love to Tell You

Stroke recovery is a long-term process, but the immediate effects of a stroke are truly life changing. If your elderly loved one has had a stroke, he or she may face weakness on one side of the body, joint pain, muscle stiffness, localized numbness, trouble swallowing and urinary problems. The severity and duration of these symptoms depend on which side of the brain was affected and the survivor’s health before the stroke. Often, it can be very difficult for these individuals to communicate. With that in mind, the Annapolis stroke care professionals at Home Care Assistance have compiled a list of common things most stroke survivors wish they could tell others.

1. “I need more sleep than I used to.” 

Stroke survivors are not lazy. Both physical and mental activities require more energy than they used to. The brain must work harder to perform the same activities and organizing data becomes a challenge.

2. “Even though I look fine on the outside, I may feel crummy on the inside.” 

A stroke survivor’s stamina may fluctuate throughout the day. Some days will be better than others. Keep this in mind when spending time with your senior loved one. Repeatedly pushing a stroke survivor to remember specific events or even to speak can lead to setbacks.

3. “I may not be as interested in social events as I used to be.” 

Parties, concerts, and other social events can prove exhausting for a stroke survivor. Similarly, crowds and loud noises can overload the damaged brain. A basic function of a healthy brain is to filter irrelevant sights and sounds, but the brain of a stroke survivor may not do this as well as it used to.

4. “I may not follow conversations as well as I did before.” 

If a stroke survivor tells you they need a second to catch up, listen. Once they’ve caught up, they will be able to take part in the conversation again. Their facial expression may appear blank or neutral during this process because their brain is working hard to process what you’ve told them. 

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