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What to Do When Aging Steals Your Sense of Taste

The aging process is often accompanied by changes in your senses, and one of the first you may notice is a decline in your ability to taste certain foods. While taste loss can be annoying at best, it can also lead to a decreased interest in eating that can interfere with your health. As an in-home care Annapolis provider, we wanted to offer a few suggestions for what to do if you discover that aging has stolen your sense of taste. This way you can safeguard your health while enjoying your meals!

  • Treat Underlying Causes

    While aging may be the culprit behind your loss of taste, there may be other reasons for being unable to taste your food. Certain medications, dental problems or health conditions can all interfere with your ability to taste specific foods. If your taste loss is sudden or particularly severe, be sure to mention it to your physician to rule out any possible underlying causes.

  • Engage Other Senses

    Once you know that your sense of taste has declined due to aging, it can be helpful to add color and texture to your meals that will stimulate your other senses. Try adding brightly colored fruits and vegetables to your plate. You can also create texture by adding new ingredients to favorite meals. For example, chunks of fruit or raisins can be added to a bowl of oatmeal to provide interest to an otherwise bland meal.

  • Adjust Your Cooking Method

    Too often, senior adults will begin to add more salt and sugar to increase the taste of their meals, yet this method is unhealthy. Instead, experiment with herbs and spices that can have benefits for your health. For example, garlic has anti-inflammatory qualities as well as a strong flavor that might stimulate your taste buds. Additionally, remember that certain vegetables will have a stronger taste depending upon how they are cooked. Try steaming, grilling and baking your foods until you find the perfect method for creating the taste you desire.

Do you have difficulty getting to the grocery store? Has an age related condition or a change in abilities made it hard for you to prepare meals? If the answer to either of these questions was yes, know that help is available. Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of senior care in Annapolis. We have a unique approach to care, known as the Balanced Care Method™ which not only focuses on providing our clients with nutritious and balance meals, but on daily exercise, mental and social stimulation and promoting calmness and purpose as well. Our professional hourly home caregivers in Annapolis are available on an as-needed basis and can also help with a variety of other tasks including personal care assistance, medication reminders and transportation.

To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with our Care Manager, call 443-302-2771. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about home care and can be a resource for you during this new stage of life.