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Everyday Activities that Help Promote Balance for Seniors

Senior adults who lose their sense of balance are at a greater risk for serious fall-related injuries. While some loss of balance can be expected due to the aging process, seniors with health conditions that affect movement, such as Parkinson’s, may also struggle with finding their center of gravity. Fortunately, there are several simple daily activities that seniors can do that will keep them healthy while preventing falls.

Tai Chi

This simplified martial art is a favorite among active seniors, and it can have a tremendous impact upon the improvement of a senior’s balance. As a senior adult performs the exercise’s slow movements, they will be fine-tuning their muscles and increasing their strength.

Standing Exercises

At home, seniors can improve their balance using minimal equipment and assistance. To do so, seniors can use a chair for support as they perform one-leg stands, leg raises and knee lifts. A line can also be drawn on the floor for seniors to use as a guide to walk along. Seniors who are new to these types of exercises may find that having a friend, family member or Annapolis caregiver help in the beginning will give them confidence.


Although the idea of yoga tends to conjure up images of people in challenging positions, there are many yoga classes that are designed for seniors. In a senior adult yoga program, the focus is on increasing flexibility and balance through postures that can modified according to a senior adult’s level.


Taking a walk each day is important for seniors to stay active, yet this simple movement can also be beneficial for maintaining a senior adult’s sense of balance. Seniors who are not accustomed to taking walks may start slowly with a short walk around the house. Then, more time and distance can be added until a senior is fully stimulating their sense of balance.

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