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Top Tips to Help Elderly Downsize

Moving into a living smaller space can be emotionally overwhelming, especially for seniors. According to staff at Annapolis home care agencies, aging adults often find comfort in familiar environments and enjoy surrounding themselves with lots of sentimental items that incite a sense of nostalgia. Following are several things that you can do to make downsizing easier for your loved one.

Help Your Family Member Sort Sentimental Items

Explain to your loved one that it isn’t necessary to carry several full-sized photo albums over to a new and smaller home. Offer to have a few cherished pictures framed and upload other photos to digital storage. This is even a good time to assign the next steward for these items so that they can be passed on to a younger family member who will appreciate and protect them.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Documents

Throwing things out can cause anxiety for seniors, particularly when it comes to stored financial records and other documents, even if these items are so dated as to lack any real value. Scan your loved one’s old documents into the computer and save them to a flash drive or cloud-based storage. Opening these files up and letting your loved one view them after conversion will provide added peace of mind.

Switch to Automatic Bill Pay

Rather than having their bills come to their homes, many seniors are opting to enroll in automatic bill pay. In addition to reducing the potential for paper clutter in small-sized living environments, this transition makes surviving and budgeting on a fixed income much easier. This is also a great way to help an aging loved one become more computer savvy.

Donate Items That Haven’t Been Used in Several Years

Items that haven’t been used in a few years probably won’t get used again at all. Pointing this out is a great way to motivate seniors in their downsizing efforts. You can also highlight the benefits of sharing these usable goods with people and families who need them. Donating to a favorite local charity will ensure that seniors view this as an entirely positive experience, rather than developing a pervasive sense of loss.

If your aging parent could use help managing day-to-day activities in his or her new home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our part-time and live-in senior care in Annapolis ensures seniors have help with everything from preparing healthy meals to mobility support at any time of day or night. To learn more, call 443-302-2771 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.