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Tips to Help Seniors Through Allergy Season

Spring has arrived, and the blooming flowers and trees can add up to serious symptoms for older adults. Since spending the season sniffling is never fun, seniors should use these strategies to stay healthy throughout the allergy season.

Wear Natural Fabrics

Allergens often attach to a person’s clothing when they are outdoors and carried with them throughout the day. This process is more likely to occur with synthetic fabrics since they create an electrical charge when they rub together that attracts pollen. When possible, seniors should opt for lightweight cotton fabrics that are less likely to attract and hold allergens such as mold.

Be Cautious with Antihistamines

Over-the-counter antihistamines are often a person’s first line of defense when allergy symptoms appear. Yet, these can potentially react with a senior’s prescription medications. According to Annapolis senior care professionals, certain side effects from antihistamines can also interfere with a senior’s current health problems. For example, they can increase the risk of dehydration or mental symptoms such as confusion. When in doubt, consult with a physician to make sure antihistamines are safe for a senior to take.

Reduce Indoor Allergens

Exposure to allergens often has a cumulative effect, and you can reduce symptoms by decreasing a senior’s overall exposure. Remove your shoes before walking through the house, and avoid opening windows during the peak allergy season. Vacuuming daily, washing bed linens, and changing clothes after you come in from outdoors can all reduce the allergens in a senior’s house.

Know the Signs of Complications

Seniors often have health problems that can be acerbated by allergies, yet symptoms such as congestion are sometimes ignored until they become severe. For example, mucus drainage from seasonal allergies can lead to bronchitis or even pneumonia. For this reason, caregivers should be vigilant about seeking treatment for any new or worsening symptoms. Difficulty breathing, chest pain or a fever should all warrant a visit to the doctor.

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