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Natural Ways to Combat Female Hair Loss

Hair loss can serve a devastating blow to a woman’s self-confidence. Unfortunately, thinning hair is a common problem among senior women. The good news is that there are many safe, effective, and all-natural ways to fight this issue. Annapolis senior care professionals offer the following suggestions.

Boost Circulatory Health

Much like men, women experience hair loss when their hair follicles stop functioning or become blocked. One of the best ways to prevent and even reverse senior hair loss is by improving blood flow. This can be accomplished by implementing and maintaining a regular workout routine that includes cardiovascular exercise. Power walking, jogging, cycling or dancing are all great exercises to try. Seniors can also consider taking cayenne pepper capsules to naturally regulate blood pressure and improve blood flow.

Give Hair a Good Brush

When hair loss occurs, many women are reticent to spend any considerable amount of time brushing their hair. Seeing the countless strands that are collected by a comb or brush often makes people think that the activity itself is responsible for their hair loss. In reality, however, this is one of the best ways to stimulate the scalp and promote better blood circulation at the pate. It also helps break up and remove excess Androgen hormones that could be contributing to hair loss.

Invest in Nutrient-Dense Hair Care Products

Senior women don’t have to buy expensive, hormone-laden shampoos and hair creams to prevent or reverse hair loss. There are a number of powerful herbs that can cleanse and restore damaged hair follicles. Seniors or their Annapolis caregivers should look for formulas that include rosemary, black licorice, emu oil, biotin, sage, saw palmetto, safflower, and jojoba oil.

Eat for Hair Health

During the golden years of life, the human body is often allocating its nutritional resources to the organs and organ systems that are most in need of support. If women aren’t getting enough of the right nutrients, the skin, hair and nails will start to show signs of deficiency first. Aesthetics aren’t a high priority for the body when it comes to protecting its own wellbeing. When hair loss starts to occur, senior women should consult with nutritionists or naturopathic doctors in order to identify and resolve any nutritional deficiencies that might exist.

Schedule a Thyroid Check

An under or over-performing thyroid can also lead to hair loss in senior women. Thus, this could be a symptom of a much larger and far more serious health issue. Seniors should have their thyroids checked to ensure that this isn’t the root cause of the problem. Special, iodine-rich diets can be used to improve thyroid health and reverse hair loss.

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