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6 Foods Dehydrating Your Senior Loved One

During the warmer months of the year it’s not uncommon to feel a little parched, but staying hydrated is about more than just drinking enough water. Annapolis senior home care professionals have put together this short list of foods that can lead to dehydration as well.

1. White Asparagus

Already known for causing pungent urine, asparagus also contains aspartic acid, a natural diuretic that triggers renal activity and causes dehydrating effects in the body.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is a diuretic, which makes people feel the need to urinate more often. Losing liquids faster than they can be replenished is the main cause of dehydration among adults.

3. Soy Sauce

Too much soy sauce can actually lead to a serious electrolyte balance. Although your loved one likely isn’t consuming more than a few tablespoons at a time, the high sodium content will stimulate frequent urination and cause mild dehydration.

4. Coffee

Coffee itself is a known diuretic, but the caffeine itself may also speed up the dehydration process. Encourage your loved one to limit the number of cups he or she has each day, and suggest drinking a glass of water with each cup.

5. Popcorn

The popcorn itself is not the issue. It is the salt on it that creates the problem. A small size movie-theater popcorn has around 550 milligrams of sodium, or nearly half of the recommended 1200 milligrams a day for those over the age of 70.

6. Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks create an acidic environment within the body, hampering enzyme function and putting unnecessary stress on the kidneys. Essentially, artificial sugar depletes the body’s water stores and makes it work harder to process the sugars.

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