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Having Purpose Leads to a Longer Life for Senior Adults

There is no doubt that Americans are living longer. Medical advancements, improved sensitivity to health symptoms, and preventative care measures have helped to increase longevity in the United States. But some seniors tend to have more energy in late-life than others and, according to several studies, outlive their less active counterparts.

So what is happening here? Some research suggests that people with higher self-esteem tend to take more care of their physical self and thus have more energy to pursue purposeful activity. Simply said, a healthy body is resulting in a healthy mind. Reversing this sequence, people who enjoy purposeful mental activity have greater self-esteem and, as a result, wish to keep their minds healthy and engage in more physical activities. The result is a healthy mind in a healthy body.

As a trusted Annapolis home care agency, we believe the body and mind are intertwined, and have created a holistic approach to care, The Balanced Care Method (BCM). BCM focuses on ensuring a senior’s physical needs are met, while also providing care that promotes social ties, companionship and a sense of calmness and purpose. We know that seniors who are able to maintain as much purpose and independence as possible are able to enjoy the rewards of enhanced quality of life, longevity and happiness.

Further research to support this idea is a recent University College of London study. Researchers studied over 9000 citizens with an average age of 65. After eight and a half years, the researchers found that individuals that tested with a greater sense of wellbeing and purpose were 30% more likely to live longer and be more productive.

For aging adults, there is more of a need for a sense of direction. This is often attributed to the fact that seniors have left the workplace, are no longer responsible for raising children, and have ultimately lost the main source for organizing their day-to-day events. By providing more structure back into a senior’s day, giving him or her something to look forward to, or encouraging participation in physical or mental activities, the older adult can enjoy a positive sense of self, a feeling that correlates with a reduced risk for health issues, stress and negative emotions such as feeling scared, fearful, alone or distressed.

To find out how you can help provide structure and purpose into the life of an aging parent or loved one, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Annapolis today. We provide hourly and live-in care for Annapolis seniors, assisting with daily activities to ensure maximum safety, comfort and independence. Request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager today by calling 443-302-2771.