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Thyme, Basil, Rosemary: The Pleasures of an Herb Garden

“You can never have enough thyme.” So goes the wisdom of the happy herb cultivator.

Amateur cultivators have long noted the many pleasures of herbal gardening for individuals as they grow older. As a leading provider of senior home care in Annapolis, we’re always looking for new and engaging activities for seniors wanted to pass on the pleasures of an herb garden to our readers! We’ll start by discussing the main benefits of hobby gardening for older adults and how caregivers can help them get started with their own plot.

Many Pleasures

Herb gardening has been an important part of senior lifestyles for millennia. These low-maintenance gardens can spice up a boring old kitchen with new life. From chives and tarragon to the growth of rosemary and sweet basil, there are a wide variety of herbs that can be grown from the comfort of home. They produce flavorful culinary additions which can act as a salt replacement, helping seniors to reduce high blood pressure and minimize the risk for overall heart problems.

While herbs can provide delightful scents and tastes for the aging soul, they can spice up a dull day, too. Homebound older adults often feel antsy without a daily outlet for their energy. Gardening helps fulfill this need as a fun ‘chore’ that’s neither too demanding nor too passive. When gardening with a family member such as an adult child or a grandchild, family bonds can be strengthened and memories can be created over a shared hobby.

Many older adults testify that herb gardening is a fine excuse to be up and busy, tending to the needs of the plants. Moreover, those who usually find themselves on the receiving end of caregiving might enjoy a hobby that lets them act as nurturing caregivers for a change. For some, success in this role is a real boost to confidence and self-esteem.

Advice for Caregivers

If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one, you may want to help him or her set up a garden. It’s nice to help gather supplies, but consider letting them pick out their preferred plant varieties. It’s part of the fun! Recommend easy-care herbs, or those whose scent or taste recalls pleasant memories of the past. There are also many modified gardening tools which can be found at local hardware and gardening stores and can help seniors who experience some difficulty holding or gripping regular tools.

Herb gardens are just one of the many activities that family caregivers can enjoy with their loved ones. Trying out new activities helps to combat senior boredom, while promoting independence and quality of life. If you care for a loved one and feel that your schedule does not allow you to perform additional daily activities such as gardening, reach out to Home Care Assistance today. Our professional caregivers can provide live-in or hourly care in Annapolis, assisting seniors with fun activities and activities of daily living and giving their family caregivers a break to tend to their own needs.

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