Home Care Reviews

Home Care Reviews

In Home Care Assistance we believe in providing exceptional service to all our clients. Our commitment to excellence makes us the premier home care business in North America and maintains our reputation as the "reside in pros". Read what our customers are saying about the quality of the care:

Bill Fullerton

Getting there and back required changing planes in Houston and on the way back she only had 30 minutes to move to another terminal. I had discussed in death, my concern with Lori in Home Care Assistance here in Columbus and she, on her own, spoke with the Home Care Assistance Office in Houston. They offered to help my mom get into a hotel if she missed her flight. When she arrived safely and on time back in Columbus mom told me that someone from the Houston Office had actually come out to the airport and was able to meet her at the gate using a wheelchair and get her over to her trip to Columbus. This type of help is to me 5 Star service. I was simply amazed that they would help so much.

Gail M.

Absolutely amazing, professional, compassionate service. I would recommend Elaine and Diane a million times over. Thank you so much!

The Family of AG, Milwaukee County

We just wanted to say Thank You for all your (and your behind-the-scenes team) attempts toward our Mom. Your persistence to find just the right skilled caregivers to listen, direct, and use 'creative' thinking to provide quality and safe care made her end of life happy and comfortable. Thank you for caring, and for responding with integrity to our families diverse requests. We are most grateful.

Ginny K

It has been a very long time for him...and for me personally. I needed rest and turned to HCA for help. He had been provided 24 hour care with attentive caregivers who remain by his bed at night and those that prepare meals, help him with his exercises and other interesting things. All Activities of Daily Living are provided by the health professionals. Drugs will need to be administered five times a day and HCA provided med tech caregivers for those times to be sure the drugs are given properly. The quality of the caregiver is important to me. The superior staff was able to assess perfectly who'd be a fantastic match for my husband and me. If I had a suggestion, or question, they listened. If I had a petition, they worked hard to honor it and when I had a concern, they listened and immediately took care of it. The nurse comes out occasionally to check my husbandʼs vital signs and see. Not only do I feel near the health professionals but I also feel near the staff and I highly recommend Home Care Assistance of Annapolis for your loved one.