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Preparing a Senior for a Hospital Stay or Surgery

Your senior loved one no more looks forward to a stay in the hospital than you do. However, seniors tend to have additional needs that should be addressed in advance of a scheduled surgery or an extended stay in the hospital. The following tips from Home Care Assistance of Annapolis, MD can help prepare you and your loved one and give you additional peace of mind.

General Assessment of Abilities

Many hospitals perform functional status assessments on senior patients to determine their care needs, involving an evaluation of how well they’re able to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL): eating, dressing, going to the bathroom, bathing and mobility. As the caregiver, have a discussion with your senior loved one’s doctor concerning:

  • Care needs after discharge from the hospital
  • Special concerns the doctor may not be aware of
  • Any gaps in your loved one’s medical history

Peace of Mind Preparations

Taking care of some basics ahead of time can spare you some unexpected hassle over your loved one’s medical bills later. Check insurance coverage to confirm what’s covered and what expenses may not be covered. Additional peace of mind precautions to consider:

  • Meeting with the medical team (at least the primary doctor(s) performing the procedure)
  • Arranging for Annapolis 24 hour care or around-the-clock observation, if necessary (especially if your loved one has dementia symptoms)
  • Collecting any valuables if your loved one was admitted suddenly (to eliminate the risk of things going missing)


A few other things to bring along with you to the hospital include, but are not limited to:

  • A list of current medications (including over-the-counter medications)
  • List of important numbers (contact information for you and siblings or family members)
  • Copies of important documents (living will, advance directives, insurance cards)
  • Notebook (either paper or an electronic variation to jot down doctor’s instructions and answers to questions you ask)
  • Comfort items (slippers, robe, pajamas, clothing to wear when going home)
  • Personal accessories (dentures, contacts, eyeglasses)
  • Earplugs and eye coverings (if your loved one is bothered by the noise of other patients)
  • Favorite items (Bible, books, makeup, hair brush, puzzles, magazines)

If your aging parent or loved one is in the hospital or has an upcoming procedure, start preparing for their care by contacting Home Care Assistance of Annapolis. We offer flexible hourly and live-in post-hospital care in Annapolis where a trained and experienced caregiver can provide support bedside at the hospital, safe transportation home and care at home to ensure all doctor-recommended activities are carried out properly. For more information, call 443-302-2771 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.