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4 Daytime Activities to Improve Senior Sleep

Sleep troubles are common among the senior demographic. Fortunately, there are several daytime strategies that aging adults and their hourly or live-in caregivers can use to ensure deep and restful slumber. Following are four activities that your elderly loved one can start doing right now.

1. Bask in the Rays of the Sun

Spending too much time in a dimly lit indoor environment can actually upset the body’s circadian rhythms. Encouraging seniors to get outside in the fresh air is a great way to get their sleep schedules back on track. Exposure to sunlight during the day followed by relaxation in a significantly darker environment at night will gradually reestablish balance.

2. Take Sleeping Pills on an Empty Stomach When Necessary

Seniors and their Annapolis caregivers should review the dosing and usage instructions for any sleep medications that are being taken. Many prescription-strength sleeping pills are meant to be taken on an empty stomach. Taking these with food instead can lead to an entire night of tossing and turning.

3. Get Some Exercise

There is no better way to prime the body for a good night of sleep than by working out. While people who battle insomnia often think that they’ll need to exercise to the point of exhaustion, the best workout plan for sleeplessness is hardly this extreme. In fact, the more relaxing that a senior’s fitness activities are, the more conducive to sleep they’ll be. For instance, taking a long, comfortable stroll through a lush green park can alleviate stress and anxiety and lull seniors into a relaxed state. An early, after-dinner walk will help seniors start winding down for their nightly routines.

4. Take a Nap

Seniors with severe sleep troubles should feel comfortable getting their sleep in when they can. Many aging adults who have a hard time drifting off to sleep at night find themselves conking out just after breakfast or lunch. Caregivers simply need to make sure that there’s enough stimulation and activity between nap time and bedtime for increasing the likelihood of all-night slumber.

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