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Senior Health: Can’t-Miss Wellness Screenings

Regular physical exams play a vital role in a senior adult’s wellbeing. During these exams, blood pressure checks and consultations regarding known health issues can go a long way toward preserving a senior’s health. However, it is important to also keep in mind that the following routine wellness screenings should be performed regularly and as-scheduled so that developing conditions can be detected early enough for treatments to be the most effective.


As a person ages, their risk of developing colorectal cancer increases. During this screening, a physician can identify markers for cancer early so that they can be removed. Any suspicious lesions that are removed are then sent for a biopsy to determine if any further treatment is needed. Annapolis home care experts recommend that this screening is first performed at the age of 50 with follow-up screenings every 10 years as long as the most recent result was normal.

Type 2 Diabetes

For those who are not at risk at an earlier age, screenings for diabetes should begin at the age of 45. Then, they should be repeated every three years. When seniors have this screening regularly, doctors may diagnose diabetes early enough that it can be reversed by changing one’s diet and exercise habits.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Often, older adults believe that they have outgrown the need for regular STD checks. However, the senior population is currently experiencing the highest rates of new STD diagnoses. Those who have had a new partner within the past year are at the greatest risk, and an early diagnosis will allow for an STD to be treated before it causes long-term damage.

Bone Mass Density Test

Women experience a greater risk for osteoporosis after the age of 65. While some people’s physician may recommend this screening earlier based upon risk factors, both men and women will need one in their 60’s. If signs of bone loss are found, medications can be prescribed to help slow the progression.

Glaucoma Exam

The majority of senior adults know that hearing and vision exams are essential. However, it may be necessary to ask for a glaucoma exam every one to two years after the age of 65. This can allow glaucoma to be treated in the early stages so that seniors can preserve their vision and avoid unnecessary injury or accidents.

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