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The Multigenerational Home: 3 Myths Unpacked

Remember when American families used to live in one big household, everyone – grandkids, grown kids, and grandparents – all under one roof? If this scenario sounds like a thing of the past, Home Care Assistance of Annapolis is sharing some information about the multigenerational home. Learn just how far today’s families have come from the notion of the conventional parents-plus-kids household.

MYTH 1: Multigenerational households aren’t common

Today, more mature adults live with loved ones across the age spectrum. Nearly 1 in 5 American households are multigenerational at this point. That’s more than 50 million people! Families from coast to coast have bundled into age-diverse homes, primarily for economic or caregiving reasons.

MYTH 2: Multigenerational households are dysfunctional

What happens when restless young people, semi-retired Baby Boomers, and aging grandparents co-habitate? If you guessed conflict and miscommunication, you might be surprised. The modern ‘multi-gen’ home shows how people of different ages really can get along and learn from one another.

Older adults in particular often see benefits from staying close to their families. Many grandparents say being around young adults rejuvenates them and ‘keeps them youthful.’ Taking care of children can also help older adults feel needed again. And lots of interpersonal interaction makes it easier to stay physically active and engaged with the wider world.

MYTH 3: Multigenerational homes make caregiving more difficult

Of course, every family is different. But multigenerational homes tend to function better than compact households simply because there are more hands on deck. Responsibilities like taking the kids to school or spending time with a grandparent can be shared among the family members. No one person has to do it all.

How Does Your Home Compare?

When the whole clan is available as a resource, caregiving becomes much more manageable. Time-crunched working adults can fulfill their deadlines and meet everyone’s needs, while their aging parents can enjoy a lively, less isolated lifestyle. However, if you live in a multi generational household where your aging parent or loved one also needs help, you may be stressed and overworked. If this is the case, Annapolis hourly home care, or maybe even live-in home care may be of help. This way, a trained and professional caregiver can manage your aging loved one’s care needs while you take care of the household and the needs of yourself and your children.

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