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4 Health-Boosting New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year’s resolution is a popular way for people to take stock of their life and work towards a better life in the next year. Here are some simple resolutions to share with a senior loved one that will enhance his or her health and quality of life, presented by a leading provider of live-in and senior respite care in Annapolis.

1. Start Dancing

Dancing is a fun, social way to exercise. It’s also a great way to prevent dementia and age-related cognitive decline. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that seniors who danced three times a week had a 76 percent reduction in the risk of dementia. Dancing is also a great way to improve balance and flexibility, elevate the mood, and engage in social interaction.

2. Eat More Protein

Most seniors do not consume sufficient protein to comply with the old nutritional guidelines, and newer research published by Purdue University is strongly suggesting that seniors need significantly more protein than younger people in order to maintain their muscle mass. Resolve to eat meat, fish, eggs, or chicken with every meal. Eating more protein also makes people feel fuller longer, so complying with this resolution may lead to loss of body fat as well as stronger muscles.

3. Stop Napping

Seniors tend to experience light, disrupted sleep. As a consequence, many seniors feel sleepy during the day and think a nap is just the thing. However, daytime naps can backfire and make it very difficult to sleep properly at night. Sleep experts recommend that seniors who regularly experience disrupted sleep should avoid those afternoon naps.

4. Go Out in the Sun

Although we’ve all had the hazards of sun exposure drilled into us for decades, scientists now believe that exposing bare skin to midday sunlight for about 30 minutes a day is highly beneficial to health, mood, and even your ability to sleep. Seniors often spend excessive amounts of time indoors and can become vitamin D deficient, suffer from altered biorhythms, and experience depression as a result of lack of sunlight. Resolve to ditch your hat and sunscreen and take a relaxing, health-promoting walk after lunch every day.

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