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How to Promote Independence for Senior Adults

As adults age, it can be difficult for many to maintain personal independence due to changes in physical or cognitive health. Many seniors begin to rely too heavily on others, which can make it easy to lose their confidence in their own abilities. To instill independence and allow your aging parent or loved one to maintain as much freedom as possible, Annapolis Home Care Assistance presents a few steps that can help them to remain confident.

Create a Daily Schedule

Many senior adults lose their independence by having a lack of a schedule and resorting to sitting in their homes during the day. Help your loved one to feel self-reliant by creating a schedule for each day of the week that includes household chores, social activities, and even volunteer work that they may participate in. Use a calendar for an easy visual that they can refer to each day.

Provide the Individual with Responsibilities

Allow the senior adult to feel self-sufficient by providing responsibilities for them to maintain. Whether it means having a pet to care for or a part-time job that they can work at, it will allow them to feel stimulated and understand that they still have a rewarding life.

You can also help your loved one maintain a chore chart to maintain keeping their home tidy. Helping them to create a grocery list, dinner menu, or landscaping that needs to be performed each week can also ensure that they remain active and confident in their skills.

Introduce Them to New People

A senior is much more likely to remain independent if they have a social life outside of their home. Introduce them to other adults their age, help them enroll in classes they’ll enjoy at a community center, and get them connected to similar people through a book club or fishing group.

Consider In-Home Care

If you feel your loved one is unable to safely perform certain daily activities, consider help from a professional home caregiver. Available for both live-in and hourly care in Annapolis, caregivers can assist your loved one in the comfort of home, so he or she can maintain as much of their regular routine as possible. In addition, caregivers are trained to assist seniors in a way that still promotes independence, while maximizing safety and comfort.

Provide your aging parent or loved one with the support they need, and find out more about in-home care and companionship from Home Care Assistance of Annapolis by calling an experienced Care Manager and scheduling a complimentary, no-obligation consultation – 443-302-2771.