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Top Medication Management Tips for Elderly

Medication management is an essential part of a senior’s care plan that can safeguard against dangerous mistakes. Many senior adults take multiple types of medication that may have similar appearances and often require a strict dosing schedule. To help prevent medication mix-ups or forgotten pills, here are the top tips for helping a senior loved one manage his or her medications from the trusted Annapolis caregivers at Home Care Assistance.

Be Informed About Each Prescription

One of the first things a person should do when getting a new prescription is make sure that the purpose for the medication is clear. Ideally, the condition for which the medication is prescribed should be indicated on the label. This can help seniors and their caregivers know why and when a medication should be used.

Keep an Up-to-Date List of All Medications

A current list of all medications can ensure that everyone involved in the senior’s care plan understands which medications are necessary on a regular basis. This list should also be taken to every medical appointment to help a senior’s physician avoid prescribing a medication that may interact with one that is already being taken.

Try to Use the Same Pharmacy

Pharmacists are trained to be alert for potential medication interactions and allergies in their patients. By using the same pharmacy for all prescriptions, a person can add an additional layer of protection against potential negative reactions to a new medication.

Create a Medication Schedule 

Keeping up with which medications should be taken at specific times can be challenging for seniors, especially those who struggle with cognitive changes such as memory loss. Therefore, a schedule of all medications should be created and distributed to each caregiver. Remember to update this schedule with any changes and consider using an alarm system that can alert seniors when their next dose is due.

Appoint a Caregiver

When a senior struggles with their medication plan, it may be necessary to appoint a part-time caregiver to be in charge of checking in each day. While the caregiver should encourage independence as much as possible, this additional help can ensure that a senior takes the appropriate amount of medication at the right times to enjoy optimal health.

If you’ve tried lists, apps, and gadgets but your loved one is still forgetting doses or doubling up, help is available. At Home Care Assistance of Annapolis, our caregivers can provide medication reminders, ensure prescriptions are filled in a timely manner, and monitor your loved one for any side effects requiring immediate medical attention. For more information, give us a call at 443-302-2771 and request a free in-home consultation today.