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Top Reasons for Elderly Mobility Loss

Age-related mobility issues aren’t uncommon among seniors. For family members who provide hourly care in Annapolis, it’s important to understand potential causes of mobility loss in order to find the right treatment or activity to get a senior loved one back on his or her feet.


Arthritis can make normal movement very difficult. This disease causes inflammation affecting the joints of knees, hips and ankles, which makes walking painful. Immobility can make arthritis worse, however, as the joints begin to stiffen. Arthritis medications can reduce inflammation, and a physical therapist can offer exercises that bring arthritic seniors additional relief.


Aging bones are prone to injury, especially if osteoporosis has set in and bones have become thin and brittle. This is why falls can be especially devastating for seniors, and any injury will limit mobility.

Balance Problems

Health issues such as weakness, lightheadedness, dizziness or neurological conditions may cause balance problems for a senior. This makes many seniors wary about walking without assistance from a walker or even an Annapolis caregiver, as they may fear falling.

Heart Disease

Heart disease sometimes causes shortness of breath, dizziness or chest pain during physical exertion. Even seniors receiving treatment for heart ailments may feel concerned about these symptoms and may choose to avoid them by decreasing activity.


Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves. This often affects the feet and is a common complication of diabetes, although it is not exclusive to diabetes. Seniors with neuropathy may experience pain or numbness in their feet that makes walking feel hazardous.

As soon as possible, determine the reason for a decrease in mobility in order to get your senior loved one up and active again. Decreased mobility can lead to further health complications such as muscle wasting, decreased bone density, and cardiovascular weakness. 

After scheduling an appointment with your loved one’s physician, reach out to Home Care Assistance Annapolis. One of our experienced caregivers can provide transportation, run errands, and offer the mobility assistance your loved one needs to feel comfortable on his or her feet. Call 443-302-2771 to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn more about our care services.