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Stay Safe Behind the Wheel with These Summer Driving Tips

After the long, dreary months of winter, it can be exciting for seniors to get out and enjoy the night weather. Yet, it is important to remember that the summer heat can be just as dangerous as winter storms. Seniors and their at-home caregivers should use these safety tips to avoid a roadside disaster during the summer months.

1. Schedule a Pre-Summer Inspection

When the temperature rises, little problems with a car can escalate into a dangerous situation. Therefore, it is important to have an inspection conducted by a trained mechanic that can check for cracked hoses, worn tires and other minor issues that are easier to correct before they leave a senior stranded.

2. Protect Your Vision

The summer glare can increase the risk of accidents by making it harder to see oncoming vehicles and traffic lights. Seniors who wear prescription glasses should schedule an eye exam to ensure that they can see properly. Then, check into getting transitional lenses or prescription sunglasses to reduce the effects of the sun on driving.

3. Plan Out New Routes

Seniors who plan to drive for vacation can take advantage of technology to avoid surprises. Today, GPS systems and smartphone apps make it possible to explore new routes to identify potential hazards such as heavy traffic and construction. Checking the weather for long-term trips can also help prevent seniors from being caught in a strong summer storm.

4. Carry Water

It may seem silly to carry drinks everywhere when there is a fast food joint on every corner. However, even a short walk for help could leave a senior dehydrated in the summer heat. Annapolis elder care professionals suggest seniors fill up a water bottle every time they leave for a short trip, and throw a couple bottles in a cooler if they plan to be traveling in rural areas.

5. Cool the Interior

The dog days of summer are no time to be driving with the windows down. It is important for seniors to drive in a car with air conditioning, and seniors should remember to never leave a kid or pet in a vehicle unattended since the interior temperature can rise to dangerous levels within minutes.

While we are known for our comprehensive Alzheimer’s care Annapolis families trust, we also offer flexible hourly and live-in care to ensure independent seniors have the assistance needed to remain safe and healthy year round. For more information about how our care services can promote your loved one’s wellbeing, give us a call at 443-302-2771 and schedule a free in-home consultation.