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3 Senior Friendly Technology Options to Enhance Care

Today, new technology is constantly being developed that will enable senior adults to look forward to living independently well into their golden years. For example, my 82 year old Mother is an active Face Book user, despite physical limitations from Parkinson’s  Disease.  Not only does the use of technology make it safer and more enjoyable for seniors to “age in place” at home, but also many of the newest devices are intuitive enough that anyone can quickly adapt to their use, regardless of age or experience. At Home Care Assistance of Annapolis, we are committed to helping seniors remain in the comfort of home as they age and wanted to share a list of our favorite senior-friendly technology options that offer an innovative way to enhance care.

  1. Automated Medication Dispensers

    Every senior and their caregiver should be aware of this piece of technology. Medication management is a serious concern for many seniors who can become confused by multiple prescriptions and dosing changes. Mistakes in medication administration can be serious or even fatal. These countertop dispensers allow a caregiver to load several days’ worth of medicine and program the device to dispense them according to the senior’s physician-directed schedule. Many can also be programmed to notify caregivers if a patient misses a dose.

  2. Smartphones and Tablets

    Smartphones and tablet computers offer seniors more than just a way to communicate with their loved ones. Senior adults can also use their phones to play brain training exercises that can help to enhance their memory and attention while serving as a source of entertainment. Smartphones can also allow loved ones to access home security and monitoring systems that enable them to check in on their loved one when they are away.  And most smartphone and cell phones allow the user to call 911 or other emergency resources with the simple touch of a button or to program in the names and numbers of loved ones and caregivers.  Does your aging parent need 24 hour care or monitoring? Click here for information about live-in care services in Annapolis, MD.

  3. Motion-Detection Systems

    When a senior adult lives independently, a motion-detecting monitoring system can provide peace of mind to them, to their caregivers and to their loved ones. These systems involve using floor and bed mats that are capable of detecting a person’s movement throughout the home. Once the system is in place, it can be programmed to detect where a senior is physically in the home as they go about their daily routine. If a fall or break in the routine is noticed, the system can then send an alert to emergency services or to a caregiver or family member.

Are you unable to be with your aging loved one as much as you would like? At Home Care Assistance, we talk to many families who feel they are being spread too thin as they try to attend to the needs of their aging parent or loved one as well as to the needs of their children,spouse and in many cases, their work responsibilities.  That’s where we come in. Whether it’s a few hours a day, overnight or during the week, our professional and compassionate caregivers can fill in the gaps to ensure consistent quality care twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

You can read more about our hourly respite care services or you can contact us directly at 443-302-2771. Our Care Managers are always available and can help you find the care plan that best meets the needs of your aging loved one.