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5 Ways Seniors Can Maintain Their Vision

Preserving good vision is important for everyone, but particularly the elderly who are more at risk of vision loss. Here, Home Care Assistance of Annapolis offers several ways they can care for their eyes and increase their odds of maintaining good eye health.

1. Identify problems early.

An eye exam will often notice vision changes before they are detectable to the individual. Seniors should have eye exams annually as long as they are healthy, and every 3-6 months if health or eye problems are a concern. Make certain the eye doctor is aware of any current prescriptions the patient is on, because many can have adverse effects on eye health.

2. Avoid eyestrain.

The number of people with reduced vision is growing and many experts believe electronic devices are to blame. The average senior may not be as obsessed with a mobile phone as other generations, but many use computers and e-readers and watch television. To prevent eye damage, all of these devices should only be used for short periods of time and never in the dark. Always keep a lamp on to balance the light in the room.

3. Nourish the eyes with a healthy diet.

Foods rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and omega – fatty acids have been proven to be beneficial for vision health. Carrots are a known beneficial food, but so are salmon, tuna and leafy greens. Citrus fruits, eggs and almonds are other eye-healthy foods.

4. Protect the eyes from the sun.

The UV rays from the sun can be as dangerous to the eyes as they are for the skin. Constant unprotected exposure can reduce eyesight and increase the risk of developing cataracts. Just wearing any pair of sunglasses is not enough. The lenses must be designed to block UV rays.

5. Do not ignore dry eyes.

Dry eyes are a frequent problem for the elderly, so the issue is often ignored. Over time it can lead to corneal ulcers and vision loss. OTC eye drops are often sufficient, but if they are not able to provide adequate relief, prescription medications are available. Luckily, the damage to vision from dry eyes is usually not permanent, but it can return if the condition is not properly managed.

Discover other ways to promote senior safety from the friendly staff at Home Care Assistance. Our live-in, part-time, and respite caregivers in Annapolis can provide transportation, offer medication reminders, and help with other tasks that promote senior safety and wellbeing. For more information, call our office at 443-302-2771 and request your complimentary consultation today.